Mariposa Trust

The Trust is the Charity and Company limited by Guarantee. It has 4 main divisions, Saying Goodbye which provides Baby Loss Remembrance Services and Support, and 3 other support divisions GrowingYou, Holding Hope and Waiting for You. It oversees and coordinates all UK and International operations and initiatives

Saying Goodbye

SG is the primary division of the charity and runs the first National and International Remembrance Services for anyone who has lost a child at any stage of pregnancy, at birth or in infancy. Additionally SG provides support for anyone who has suffered baby loss, and campaigns for change to National baby loss policies

Other Support Divisions

GrowingYou is a specialist support division, offering support and advice to anyone who is pregnant following the loss of a baby or babies. Holding Hope provides support for people who are going through the IVF process and Waiting for You provides support for people who are working their way through the adoption process
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The Mariposa Trust, is a Charity registered in England and Wales (1151108). It can only survive and continue its vital work with your support. Please click below to donate, or if you want to become a Corporate Sponsor, just email the team via the link below.

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