The Mariposa Trust is a leading support charity primarily working within the field of baby loss and bereavement.

Established in 2012, and officially becoming a charity in 2013, the Mariposa Trust has grown to become a forerunner in support, services and as campaigner for change in the UK and globally. In 2014 the charity launched ‘Mariposa International’, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit in the US.

The aims of the Mariposa Trust remain as follows:

  • Creating global services of remembrance that allow people to grieve in a supportive environment;
  • Creating a comprehensive support structure, allowing people to access the support they need;
  • Improving the care and support of anyone going through loss;
  • Changing the taboo nature of baby loss, allowing for more open discussion, acceptance and support.

The Mariposa Trust

The Mariposa Trust has grown in the depth and breadth of its work, and now has six main divisions. The primary division is Saying Goodbye, which provides a global portfolio of support, as well as services of remembrance at Cathedrals around the world. In addition, there are five further support divisions: GrowingYou, Holding HopeWaiting for YouLove in Every Tear and So Cherished.

The Trust is a Charity (1151108) and Company limited by Guarantee (8241785). It oversees and coordinates all UK and International operations and initiatives.

Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye is the primary division of the Mariposa Trust and provides support for anyone who is affected by baby loss, at any stage of pregnancy, at birth or in infancy, whether the loss be recent or historic. In addition, Saying Goodbye also provides support for people who are grieving never having children, and is at the forefront of campaigning for change, as a stakeholder with the Department of Health.

In addition to supporting tens of thousands of people each week, it runs the ‘Saying Goodbye’ services of remembrance at Cathedrals, Minsters and Abbey’s globally.

The Charity Divisions

The charity has five further divisions,

  • GrowingYou offers support to anyone who is pregnant or considering pregnancy following loss.
  • Holding Hope provides support for people through are considering or going through fertility treatment.
  • Waiting for You provides support for people journeying through adoption.
  • Love in Every Tear supports people supporting others through loss.
  • So Cherished supports families who have received a terminal or life altering diagnosis over over their child.

Global… Baby loss knows no bounds, and can affect anyone, anywhere!

Baby loss is a global issue with around 30 million miscarriages each year, 2.6 million still births and 5.495 million neo-natal and early years losses. The Mariposa Trust is leading the way in providing better support for anyone going through loss, and in increasing awareness of the size and scale of the issue.