Mariposa Trust

The Trust is the Charity and Company limited by Guarantee. It has 6 main divisions, Saying Goodbye which provides Baby Loss Remembrance Services and Support, and 5 other support divisions GrowingYou, Holding Hope, Waiting for You, Love in Every Tear and So Cherished. It oversees and coordinates all UK and International operations and initiatives

Saying Goodbye

SG is the primary division of the charity and provides support for anyone who suffers baby loss, at any stage of pregnancy, at birth or in infancy, whether the loss be recent or historic. In addition to supporting tens of thousands of people each week, it runs the first National and International Remembrance Services for anyone who has lost a child

Support Divisions

GrowingYou is a specialist division, offering support to anyone who is pregnant following baby loss. Holding Hope provides support for people through fertility treatment, Waiting for You provides support for people through adoption, Love in Every Tearm supports people supporting others through loss, and So Cherished supports families who have received a terminal or life altering diagnosis over over their child
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Saying Goodbye Services in 2018

Date Time Event Event Poster (PDF)
03/06/2018 3:30pm SG Service at St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast Event Poster
09/06/2018 7:30pm SG Service at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford Event Poster
16/06/2018 3:00pm SG Service at Derby Cathedral, Derby Event Poster
14/07/2018 2:30pm SG Service at Manchester Cathedral, Manchester Event Poster
21/07/2018 11:00am SG Service at Tewkesbury Abbey, Tewkesbury Event Poster
08/09/2018 3:30pm SG Service at Malmesbury Abbey, Malmesbury Event Poster
09/09/2018 3:00pm SG Service at Wimborne Minster, Wimborne Event Poster
22/09/2018 11:00am SG Service at Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow Event Poster
26/09/2018 7:30pm SG Service at St Andrew's Cathedral, Inverness Event Poster
29/09/2018 3:00pm SG Service at St Andrew's Cathedral, Aberdeen Event Poster
13/10/2018 2:30pm SG Service at Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff Event Poster
21/10/2018 4:00pm SG Service at Bradford Cathedral, Bradford Event Poster
14/11/2018 7:00pm SG Service at St Andrew's Minster, Plymouth
18/11/2018 6:30pm SG Service at Ely Cathedral, Ely Event Poster
25/11/2018 3:30pm SG Service at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster Event Poster

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