The Charity Divisions of The Mariposa Trust

The Mariposa Trust has six main divisions, Saying Goodbye which provides Baby Loss Remembrance Services and Support, and five other support divisions: GrowingYou, Holding Hope, Waiting for You, Love in Every Tear and So Cherished.

Saying Goodbye

When you go through the loss of a baby, whether during pregnancy, at birth or in infancy, time stands still. The rest of the world carries on, whilst for you that moment brings grief, trauma and devastation.

Whether the loss has been recent, or decades ago, the team at Saying Goodbye are ready and waiting to help discuss your situation, and try to help guide you to a place of comfort and peace.

In addition to the international ‘Saying Goodbye’ services held each year, the team provide a comprehensive set of online support options including befrienders, resources and much more.

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For anyone who has lost a baby, be it during pregnancy, at birth or in infancy, the prospect, or reality of going through another pregnancy, can be a very daunting and scary experience.

For many, they have questions, concerns and fears, often tied up in grief from a past loss or from past losses.

GrowingYou is all about empowering you with the right information and advice, and sharing good news stories, thus helping you enjoy the new pregnancy. The team have access to befrienders and counsellors if you feel these would be of help to you, as well as resources such as the new ‘Pregnancy After Loss’ book by the charities founder Zoe Clark-Coates.

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Holding Hope

The journey to parenthood for some people does not happen in the way they would have hoped. For some, it may be a simple matter of investigation and some help with fertility medication, while for others it may be a long process of investigations and treatment including IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation.)

This can be a scary time, often filled with tests, procedures, endless terminology and more, and Holding Hope, exists to walk that journey with you. The team are here to provide support, friendship and advice as well as signpost you to research and experts.

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Waiting For You

The decision to adopt a child is a life-changing, complex and often lengthy process. Whether the decision to adopt follows baby loss, infertility or simply a desire to bring a child into your family unit, having the ability to talk with others who have been through the process can be invaluable.

The Waiting For You team, are here to provide advice, support and information as you journey this process.

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Love In Every Tear

When anyone suffers the loss of a baby, at any stage of pregnancy, at birth or in infancy, they often feel isolated and struggle to reach out to those around them.

Love in Every Team exists to provide support to the family members and friends who wish to provide the best support they can to the individuals and couples who have experienced loss. From support and resources, to simply helping people understand what they should or should not say to the bereaved parents, Love in Every Tear, wants to equip people to better support others, and receive the support they need.

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So Cherished

The journey of pregnancy, can at times be interrupted with the devastating news that the child being carried may have a terminal, life-altering or life-limiting condition. For any parent to receive this news is hugely traumatic, and it is often mixed with complex terminology, urgent decisions and more.

So Cherished exists to stand with parent who have received this news, and provide the support they need.

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