Become an official Fundraiser

So this is your chance to do something big, something worthwhile, something that will make a difference. Fundraising is how we as an organisation survive. It provides the finance that allows us to run services, provide support and make a difference in people's lives. It generates the income to produce resources and get those into hospitals, doctors surgeries and clinics and allows us to push government and the NHS to improve baby loss support. The task is huge, and the need for funds essential, so the more fundraisers we have, the more we do. We are currently recruiting 50 regional Fundraising Coordinators, to rally teams of people to hold fundraising events. It is a voluntary role (but just so you know it can be done around a full time job!). So if you have decided that this year you want to make a massive difference, to hundreds of thousands of people - This is the team for you - look no further, put your drink down and contact us right now!!! If it scares you, if it feels like it may take you out of your comfort zone, that's awesome - how will you ever know what you can achieve until you try! We can only continue to do what we do by raising funds, so show the world how much you appreciate SG and join the team (We are a lovely bunch - honest!) (We need British and American team members!) If you want to chat about the role, PLEASE contact Zoe via a message on the Facebook Fundraising page or email Contact Us.


Message from the founders:
"Can you help us today? The Mariposa Trust relies on donations from people like you, to support it's work in the UK and worldwide. Our plan is simple; to ensure everyone who goes through baby loss has the right care and support pre, during and post loss. This is a big task, and the remembrance services and support service are only a part of what we will be rolling out over the coming months, to make this plan a reality. To enable all of the plans to be achieved, will need further finance and support in kind, so please donate today, and help us acknowledge and remember the lives lost and cut short, and support those who are grieving."