Change...'Effort only fully releases its reward, after a person refuses to quit' N. Hill

Changing the taboo nature of child loss is key for the Mariposa Trust, as well as improving the standard of care and support for anyone who loses a baby, but we can't do it alone...we need your help! The trust needs your support in lots of ways, and if you feel you can help please get in touch. Whether you can simply tell your GP Surgery about the support we offer and any services in your area, distribute leaflets and posters about the Saying Goodbye services, or would consider joining our fundraising team, and help raise funds to support the work of the trust...every little helps. If you think that throwing yourself out of a plane at 12,000ft (with a parachute) is your sort of thing, then why not take part in 'Jump for Love', a national Skydiving project run by the Mariposa Trust. This gives you the chance to raise funds for the charity, while taking part in what many people have described as a life changing experience. You can find out more at

Special Events and Projects

The charity has lots of exciting Special Events and Projects that you can attend or get involved with, including the Mariposa Balls and our new Christmas events the Snow Balls.
Following the success of the inaugural Mariposa Ball at the Landmark Hotel in London in March 2014, which saw hundreds enjoy an amazing evening of fine food, a charity auction and entertainment from BOND (the most succesful quartet in history), Next of Kin, Abby Scott and more, the charity has announced 2 balls for 2015. The first is the Mariposa Ball Manchester, which is taking place on the 7th March 2014 at the 5* Lowry Hotel in Manchester, and the second is the Mariposa Ball London at the world famous Savoy hotel on the 9th May 2015. For more information see the new ball website at
The all new Snow Balls are a set of fantastic Christmas parties that are taking place at locations across the UK, and are a must for the festive season. So click here to find out more Snow Balls 2014


Message from the founders:
"Can you help us today? The Mariposa Trust relies on donations from people like you, to support it's work in the UK and worldwide. Our plan is simple; to ensure everyone who goes through baby loss has the right care and support pre, during and post loss. This is a big task, and the remembrance services and support service are only a part of what we will be rolling out over the coming year, to make this plan a reality. To enable all of the plans to be achieved, will need further finance and support in kind, so please donate today, and help us acknowledge and remember the lives lost and cut short, and support those who are grieving."