When someone is going through loss, they can feel a wide range of emotions from anger to blame to deep guilt, and of course an overwhelming sense of grief. How and when a person feels able to work through the grief is completely down to each individual, but as a charity, we want to ensure that at whatever point that is, we can provide a comprehensive support service to them. The baby loss support we offer is therefore split into 2 distinct areas. The first is through Saying Goodbye, which is supporting anyone following child loss. The second support division GrowingYou, offers support for people who are going through subsequent pregnancies following loss. The other 2 divisions offer support to people who are trying to start their families, whether that be Holding Hope that helps people that are going through fertility treatment, or Waiting for You that supports people through the adoption process.

Support that's right for you

Support from Saying Goodbye
When you go through the loss of a baby, whether during pregnancy, at birth or in infancy, time stands still. The rest of the world carries on, whilst for you that moment brings grief, trauma and devastation. Whether the loss has been recent, or decades ago, the team at Saying Goodbye are ready and waiting to help discuss your situation, and try to help guide you to a place of comfort and peace. The team currently operate online, and are able to guide you to remembrance services and support services, local to you, as well as being able to try to link you with befrienders or counsellors, if required.
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Support from GrowingYou
For anyone who has lost a baby, be it during pregnancy, at birth or in infancy, the prospect, or reality of going through another pregnancy, can be a very daunting and scary experience. For many, they have questions, concerns and fears, often tied up in grief from a past loss or from past losses. GrowingYou is all about empowering you with the right information and advice, and sharing good news stories, thus helping you enjoy the new pregnancy. The team have access to befrienders and counsellors if you feel these would be of help to you.
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